Below is a list of frequently asked questions. Please reference it and if your question remains unanswered, send us an email here and we will be more than happy to help.

Can I cancel my order?
ALL sales are final. Please keep this in mind when placing a order. 

Where can I find a list of available colors?
The website will be up to date with all currently available colors.
You can find them here

What sizes do you offer?
All powders currently come in 0.25oz sized jars and are filled by volume.
This means, that when filling, jars are filled to the first thread on the jar or higher. 

Denser powders can settle when in transit to their destinations and may appear less full than other jars. Simply stir your powder with a toothpick and the powder will go back to normal volume. This will also ensure you have a better application of the powder while dipping. 

How many manicures can I get out of a 0.25oz jar?

Generally, you can get 7-10 full manicures out of a 0.25oz jar. The amount of manicures depend on how many full dips you do per nail and the total length of your nails when dipping. 

Do you have any discounts or a rewards/referral program?
We are unable to offer a rewards program at this time. Any discounts will be announced on our social media accounts if/when they become available.

I placed several orders, can you combine them and refund me shipping?
This is done on a case by case basis but cannot be done during new launches.
In most instances, we have already packed one order, and cannot combine the other order because a combined weight increases the shipping cost for us.
If you contact us within one hour of placing both orders, we will try our best to accommodate and refund the shipping difference.

NOTE: Orders where payment hasn’t cleared cannot be combined. 

Where can I find the shipping and return policy?

I have questions about allergies:
Although reactions are rare it is recommended that a sensitivity test is done before using these products to check against allergic/adverse reactions. The dip powders and Candi Skin Care products were designed to be used on human nails only and should NEVER be used on children, or pets. Should any issues arise, immediately discontinue usage and seek medical attention from your health care provider.

What are your ingredients?

The base powders contain Poly(methyl methacrylate) Benzoyl Peroxide                               Titanium Dioxide (77891) and possibly red 30. Please note that pigments and micas are added for color as are glitters/foils/flakes depending on the exact dip. 

How do I contact someone?
Please message us at m.me/allpowderedupdippowder OR allpowderedupCS@yahoo.com and we will assist you.